septic line repair at arrow septicSeptic Line Repairs or Replacement

Sometimes a septic pipe or line needs to be replaced due to settling from incorrect installation (such as in a new home), root infiltration from nearby shrubs or trees, or deterioration over time due to using a non-PVC plastic pipe (such as cast iron).

Most of the time, you will notice water puddling around the problem spot(s), but sometimes the problem isn’t evident until a video inspection of the septic line has been done. When possible, our septic tank pumper technician will video the pipe between the house and your septic tank to check for problems.

During the video inspection, we can tell if the pipe is broken, shifted, infiltrated by roots, or if it has deteriorated enough to warrant replacement. If the pipe has to be replaced, we do all of our repairs in house by technicians that specialize in repairs. This allows us to have all the materials necessary on site to get the job done quickly and more cost effectively for the homeowner. We use ONLY the best pipe and connection materials for the application at hand.

If you start with a “non-specialist” company and get a quote for pipe replacement, call us for a second opinion, and if necessary, a second quote for comparison. You may be surprised to find that your first quote is 2 to 10 times higher than ours! We want your problem to be fixed correctly, quickly, and cost-efficiently.

Replacing a septic line