Do I need to be home for the appointment?

Unless you are a first time customer, are having a problem or do not know where your septic tank lid is located, you do not need to be home for a septic tank pump out appointment. Upon making the appointment just let our office know that you will not be home and give a credit card for payment.

Please note that if you are not home the driver will not be able to have you flush the toilet to observe the water flow between the home & septic tank

What is included with my septic tank pump out?

When weather permits, each septic tank pump out includes a 5 point inspection and the tank emptied. The 5 point inspection is described here

Feel free to ask questions because the driver is your septic system expert and wants your system to last a very long time!

Locating and digging up the septic tank cover is not included with the cost of pump out and will be done at additional cost.

Please note that the septic tank will fill back up to its normal operating level very quickly based on the inside water use such as washing machine, dishwasher, showering, water softener discharge,etc.

How is billing handled?

Payment is due upon completion of services and a credit card can be given to the office upon making the appointment. The credit card will be charged for the minimum fee prior to the appointment and if extra charges should apply upon completion of the work, the card would get charged the next day for those charges.

You can also choose to give the driver cash,check or credit card upon completion of services.

Credit Application

If you would like to fill out a credit application with us for landlord or business purposes, Please complete our FILLABLE PDF form here and email it back to us for approval. Once approved we can invoice you after the work is completed and you will receive 30 days to pay.