Field Rejuvenation

The HYDRO-JETTING can help these problems!

The solution could be hydro-jetting your drainfield. Our technicians can evaluate your system to see if this solution may work for you.
When the septic tank is not cleaned out on a regular basis (every 1-5  years dependant on household size) it cannot filter sludge properly which causes sludge to escape in to the septic drainfield. Once this happens, sludge clogs the holes in your septic drainfield lines and prevents the water from getting out of the pipes and into the soil.

What you get with the hydro-jetting service:

  • Hydro-jet field lines clean with new powerful equipment.
  • Pumper truck on site to vacuum clean the disturbed sludge OUT of field lines (otherwise, the sludge settles right back into the field lines again!)
  • Commercial strength enzyme shock treatment to attack any leftover residue that may remain