RisersThe most critical time to know exactly where your septic tank access cover is when you’re having a blackwater backup into your house! Can you tell where your septic tank access cover is? Can you locate it easily in warm months, because you can tell the grass doesn’t grow as well? How about in the winter? This is the worst time of year to have a problem finding your access cover – when you have an emergency and realize it is four feet underground! It takes more time and money to remedy your back up situation and costs you much more to locate and expose it.

Consider adding riser blocks to your access cover. Riser blocks literally raise the access to ground level or to a few inches below the grass level. The risers can be made of concrete or of appropriately sized and cut corrugated black pipe. This is something that will save you money in the long run by not having to pay someone to dig up your access cover each time you need the tank pumped out.

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