Pump Replacement: Sump, Sewage & Lift Station Pumps

A submersible sump pump can be an important defense against flood waters threatening your home. The unit and its motor are waterproof and sit in a pit or tank, draining flood water from a wet basement.

A sewage ejector pump is similar to the sump pump but is built to accommodate black water input including toilet paper.  This is typically installed where a bathroom is present such as in the basement.

A lift station pump is outside and many times has an alarm in the basement of your home.  This type of pump sits in a tank similar to your septic tank and pumps the water up to your septic drainfield when the elevation of the yard is higher than the septic tank and lift station tank.

All of these pumps get plugged into an electrical outlet with a ground fault circuit interrupter, the pump is activated as the water rises in the sump and as rain or storm water accumulates it is pumped out and away through a discharge pipe.

Arrow Septic & Sewer replaces all types of residential sump, sewage ejector and lift station pumps with high end commercial grade products.

Our pump replacement work is guaranteed for one year including parts and labor.