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sewer camera service at Arrow SepticHaving a sewer camera is essential in finding blockages in your plumbing and drain pipes inside and outside your home. Tree roots in sewer lines and broken lines are two of the most common pipe problems.

Tree roots enter sewer pipes through small cracks in the joints between individual pieces of pipe. Our sewer camera specialists are expertly trained to use these sophisticated sewer cameras and monitors.

By looking at a video monitor, our camera operators can pinpoint the exact location inside or outside the dwelling where the roots are entering the pipe. Our cameras also have the feature of recording inspections.

If you are having difficulty with a drain and you need a certified sewer camera technician, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our technicians are skilled at uncovering blockages.

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Most homes are attached to a public sewer system.  That means a pipe leaves the house carrying waste and dumps it into the main (and much larger) city sewer line in the street.  Over the years these pipes can become broken and plugged.  This occurs most often in older homes and on streets where there are large street trees.   Many years ago builders used tile pipes to attach to the city sewer.  Tile turned out to be a weak material and many of the pipes began falling apart after about 40-50 years.  Cast Iron was then used and has been far more reliable but can still rust through and allow tree roots to grow in the nutrient rich environment.  Today we use a heavy duty PVC.
A homeowners is responsible for the sewer line from the house to the street.  If a problem is found beyond the street, it becomes the responsibility of the City.  When buying a house it is often a very good idea to have the sewer scoped to avoid a very costly repair in the future.  If the problem is found during the inspection period, then the Buyer can negotiate the cost of repairs with the Seller.