Drain Stoppages: Arrow Septic

Most people with homes using septic and sewer systems automatically think they need a plumber when the drains stop up or the toilet starts gurgling. The first question really should be, “Who will do the best job on my problem?”

Rodding-OutsideARROW Septic & Sewer drain technicians ONLY deal with drainage issues. And all of our tools and equipment are geared towards this specialty. Our technicians have a complete range of equipment, including sewer cameras, to confirm that all of the debris is removed and the problem is corrected.

Although many plumbers now handle drainage backup situations, it doesn’t mean that they specialize in drainage issues. The plumbing field is so vast that no one individual can be an expert in all areas. One company may install copper and gas pipes or install garbage disposals and faucets efficiently, but they may not have the expertise to ANALYZE and produce the BEST solution for drainage issues with septic and sewer systems. ARROW, the drainage specialist, is ready to expertly diagnose and treat your home’s drainage problems.

The ultimate solution for many plumbers (and many drain technicians) has always been “dig it up and replace it,” but sometimes that is not the BEST – or the most cost efficient –solution! It’s much easier to “dig it up” than to troubleshoot the problem and take the time to correctly clean the septic or sewer line in question. Replacing your septic or city sewer line MAY be necessary, but most of the time, a proper assessment can find a less disruptive and less costly solution.

We get many calls asking for second opinions on quotes for septic/sewer pipe replacements. And more and more, we find that the situation is not a “bad” pipe that needs to be replaced, but a hastily “rodded” pipe with a hole punched in the middle of the blockage to relieve the immediate backup. However, this is just a temporary fix that will cause repeated problems in the future.

ARROW Septic & Sewer drain technicians don’t just get the water to go away and call it a day. By using a sewer camera, we can tell if the pipe is broken, shifted, infiltrated by roots, or if it is deteriorated enough to warrant replacement. If the pipe has to be replaced, we do all of our repairs “in house” by technicians that specialize in repairs. This allows us to have all the materials necessary on site to get the job done quickly and more cost effectively for the homeowner. We use ONLY the best pipe and connection materials for the application at hand.

Preventative maintenance is always best — but if you find yourself in a gray or black water backup situation, give us a call. We offer emergency service and can usually get to your home within 3 hours.submersible sump pump can be an important defense against flood waters threatening your home. The unit and its motor are waterproof and sit in a pit or tank, draining flood water from a wet basement.