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Sewer Cleaning Prairie Grove IL

Sewer Cleaning Prairie Grove ILARROW Septic is your expert problem solver for the septic & sewer market in Prairie Grove IL. Providing the know-how and technology to solve any septic or sewer emergency – no matter how large or small. Our prompt, courteous and professional service teams tackle every job knowing that your satisfaction is our number one priority.

ARROW not only provides service, we provide education. We educate you, our customers, on the services we provide. Guiding you through the processes we perform and parts we install. You can trust our fully insured and licensed professionals to promptly clean your drains , inspect your sewers, and remove any clogs! Educating private septic system owners on how the system works and what maintenance is required for maximum life expectancy. After all, what we do for our clients in Prairie Grove IL is just as important as how we do it. We’ve been in the sewer cleaning business for over 20 years, offering thorough work and excellent customer service to all clients.


Septic Services include: septic pumping, septic line repairs, sump pump replacement, drainfield location, septic backup relief, septic field rejuvenation, septic tank baffles and septic tank risers.

Sewer Services include: line thawing, sewer camera, drain stoppages and pump replacement.

Sewer Cleaning Prairie Grove IL: Comprehensive Sewer Services

Sewer problems are not only a nuisance but they can be extremely messy. It can lead to serious hazards, such as an overflowing toilet. If you notice your water is forming puddles or even draining just a little too slow, you need to call our experienced professionals at Arrow Sewer & Septic.

  • Septic Cleaning Prairie Grove ILSewer problem diagnosis

  • Sewer backups

  • Video line inspection / location

  • Sewer line replacement

  • Sewer cleaning

  • Sewer lateral, drain televising and locating
  • Odor detection

  • High-pressure water jetting

  • Catch Basin Pumping


Most people with homes using septic and sewer systems automatically think they need a plumber when the drains stop up or the toilet starts gurgling. The first question really should be, “Who will do the best job to solve my problem?”

ARROW Septic & Sewer drain technicians ONLY deal with drainage issues. And all of our tools and equipment are geared towards this specialty. Our technicians have a complete range of equipment, including sewer cameras, to confirm that all of the debris is removed and the problem is corrected.

ARROW Septic & Sewer drain technicians don’t just get the water to go away and call it a day. We can tell if the pipe is broken, shifted, infiltrated by roots, or if it is deteriorated enough to warrant replacement. If the pipe has to be replaced, we do all of our repairs “in house” by technicians that specialize in repairs. This allows us to have all the materials necessary on site to get the job done quickly and more cost effectively for the homeowner. We are here to help you with all of your drainage issues for your home or business!

Sewer Cleaning Prairie Grove IL


ARROW Septic services McHenry, Lake, Kane & Cook counties.

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