Remote Jobs That Pay Well

  • 26 August 2022
Remote Jobs That Pay Well

Data Entry ($34,466/yr)—Remote data entry jobs from home are one of the most abundant online working options out there. Communications Manager ($75,957/yr)—Create engaging and high-quality visual, audio, and written content in these working-from-home online jobs. BI Analyst/Consultant ($96,149/yr)—Analyze data with the business intelligence team, advise leadership and relevant teams, and formulate insights in these high paying work-from-home jobs. To perform these online jobs at Lionbridge, you need little to no experience.

remote careers that pay well

Programmer ($72,921/yr)—Code software, create updates, and troubleshoot problems. Perfect for those wanting to earn a computer programmer salary without having to commute to a cubicle each day. Case Manager ($47,372/yr)—Follow up with clients, monitor casework, and help them advance with these online home-based jobs.

How to work from home: Tips for applying to remote jobs

Compliance Specialist ($62,627/yr)—Learn a company’s program requirements and help them analyze, monitor, and provide compliance support while acting as a central point of contact. If you’re in the US, Canada, or the UK, you may already be familiar with this fast-growing bank. Capital One always has online job offers available, with unique opportunities such as fraud intake. Make sure to seek out opportunities proactively, whether it’s directly through company websites, freelancing platforms, or sites like LinkedIn.

It can be a very specialist field and good software engineers are in high demand for a number of start-ups or established businesses globally. Project managers manage the tasks and processes needed to complete a project. Remote working project managers will use scheduling software or specific project management software to micromanage employees and assess the project’s process. They are responsible for making sure the project is completed on time. Due to the importance of the role, project managers can earn a high salary and have the flexibility to work remotely from home. Remote working technical support engineers are in high demand globally.

Product reviewer

Once you have identified the ones that match your own skill set and work experience, use the exact phrasing for each skill in your resume. Video producers who oversee productions from beginning to end start out at a midpoint salary of about $74,000. In pre-production, they set budgets and schedules, plan logistics, scout locations, and collaborate with creative directors. During production, they are responsible for the shoot, managing crew, equipment, locations, and on-site operations. Afterward, in post-production, they coordinate editing and video compression.

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