Remote Customer Support Intuit TurboTax

  • 23 September 2021
Remote Customer Support Intuit TurboTax

Although there may have been some merit to this advice in the past, changes in the tax rules in the late 1990s made it easier for people who work out of their homes to qualify for these write-offs. You will be paid hourly, based on the rate for the state in which you will be working from during seasonal employment. You are also eligible for a performance-based bonus paid out at the end of the season. Performance is determined by customer feedback, issue resolution, and completion of the assigned season. Divide the square footage of your home office by the square footage of your entire living space to calculate the percentage of your home that is dedicated to your home office. This percentage is then applied to your home expenses to determine what amount might be a business expense.

If your small business qualifies you for a home office tax deduction, should you be concerned about triggering an audit? This article will delve into the most common questions about this tax deduction. Minimum 2+ seasons paid tax experience and minimum 30+ tax returns prepared per season. Minimum 2+ seasons paid tax experience and minimum 30+ tax returns prepared per season and active credential as CPA, EA or Practicing Attorney. One option for employees who must pay for business expenses related to working at home, is to seek reimbursement from your employer.

“You want to make sure that if ever you get audited… you have a reasonable defense for yourself,” she says. We also have Aid and Assist channels where you can get resources and even have someone look over your shoulder at the customer’s return in real time when necessary. Prior experience in tax preparation for a tax practice or in a retail setting is also a plus. Assume you use 40% of your house for a daycare business that operates 12 hours a day, five days a week for 50 weeks of the year.

  1. But once you’re self-employed, it’ll be up to you to make estimated tax payments to the IRS during the year to cover your federal tax liability.
  2. You take the square footage of your home office used exclusively for your self-employed business and multiply it by $5 per square foot up to a maximum of $1,500 per year.
  3. If you’re an employee of another company but also have your own part-time business based in your home, you can pass the home office test even if you spend much more time at the office where you work as an employee.

For example, even one day of remote work performed in New York state requires a NY individual return be filed. However, Arizona only requires an AZ return be filed if the amount of income earned in AZ exceeds the filing requirements threshold listed in the AZ instructions for individual tax returns. Your home office business deductions are based on either the percentage of your home used for the business or a simplified square footage calculation. The other way to claim the home office deduction is by using the direct method.

Working remotely? Here are 4 things to pay attention to this tax season

Other states can tax you as a non-resident on your income earned from work carried out in that state (unless the non-resident state has a reciprocal agreement with your home state). When you do both returns in TT and e-file them, I believe your resident state will get a copy of the other state’s return. If you spent most of the year living out of a van or bouncing between Airbnbs, you probably want professional help with your taxes. Depending on where you lived, how long you were there and how much money you made, you could owe taxes in multiple states and cities, a problem athletes and entertainers have had to deal with for years.

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As with the regular-use test, whether your endeavors qualify as a business depends on the facts and circumstances. The more substantial the activities, in terms of time and effort invested and income generated, the more likely you are to pass the test. If your home office is in a separate, unattached structure — a detached garage converted into an office, for example — you don’t have to meet the principal-place-of-business or the deal-with-clients test. As long as you pass the exclusive- and regular-use tests, you can qualify for home business write-offs. The office can also be a section of a room and you can show that personal activities are excluded from the business section. You can claim a percentage of expenses such as rent, mortgage interest, utilities, insurance, and repairs.

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If you use your home office for your W-2 job and your side gigs, you won’t be able to claim your home office as a tax deduction. When using the direct method, you also need to account for depreciation of a portion of the house if you own it. You don’t need to worry about calculating this when using the simplified method for taking the home office tax deduction. You may have been working from home toward the end of last school year and part of this school year. If you and your spouse are both teachers, that can be up to a $500 tax deduction.

TurboTax Premium searches 500 tax deductions to get you every dollar you deserve. Making money from your efforts is a prerequisite, but for purposes of this tax break, profit alone isn’t necessarily enough. If you use your den solely to take care of your personal investment portfolio, for example, you can’t claim home office deductions because your activities as an investor don’t qualify as a business. During the tax season, we offer work schedules on a first-come, first-serve basis around our operating hours. You must be able to commit to a minimum schedule of at least 20 hours/week (minimum 4 hour shifts) throughout the tax season. This is a remote position where you work virtually, so you can choose the best location that suits you.

During 2020, I worked remotely temporarily in another state (which has income tax) during the past year as my company was WFH. The remote work I did was for about a month, after which I returned to my resident state. My W2 only has withholding for my resident state (for which I am still a full time resident).

What if I’m a teacher and have been required to work from home? Can I deduct work from home expenses?

This Social Security wage limit increases to $168,600 for the 2024 tax year. To avoid paying taxes on the same income twice, the taxpayer can credit the taxes paid in their non-resident state against their home state’s tax liability (or vice versa depending on which state has higher taxes). Remote workers who live and work in different states turbo tax remote work need to pay extra attention to state and local taxes. CNBC Select spoke with two CPAs to get their advice on what remote workers should pay attention to this tax season and how to go about preparing their taxes. Within the TurboTax Live team, we use a messaging platform, where you can type in your questions while talking to a customer.

Taxpayers who use a home office exclusively to manage rental properties may qualify for home office tax status but as property managers rather than investors. The biggest roadblock to qualifying for these deductions is that you must use a portion of your home exclusively and regularly for your business. Training may take up to 17 days (this includes 2 full weekends) to complete. Training is paid and is a combination of self-led and live sessions, completed remotely.

For small businesses

When you become a TurboTax Live Expert, you’ll help others tackle the challenges of filing taxes. You’ll get all the equipment you need, on-the-job training, and flexible scheduling options so you can grow your Intuit career from day one. The IRS allows you to deduct expenses for having a dedicated space where you regularly and exclusively conduct your self-employed business. This is true whether you live in a house, apartment, condo, mobile home or boat, as well as external structures like a barn, garage or workshop.

You do not have to meet the exclusive use test if you claim the deduction for using your home as a daycare facility. Self-employed business owners can deduct up to $1,080,000 (for tax year 2022) for qualified business equipment like computers, printers, and office furniture. The amount you can deduct is still limited to the amount of income from business activity. You can also deduct supplies that you buy like paper, printer ink, or supplies for your customers, and you can take the home office deduction. In these cases, you need to file a nonresident return to recover the erroneous withholdings.

All allow you to sock away money for retirement and take a tax deduction for what you contribute. Whether it’s virtual tax preparer or bookkeeping jobs, the people we employ are our top priority. Even as a seasonal or select time employee, you’ll enjoy the benefits you need to stay healthy, happy, and financially secure. Work from home on your schedule without sacrificing any of the benefits that give you and your family peace of mind. It’s true that there will be a discrepancy between your state tax returns and your W-2.

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