Due to the anatomical structure of the genitals of men, pain during sex is much less disturbing than women. Despite this, men can experience pain for various reasons.

Moreover, some men experience pain at every sexual intercourse.

If a man has pain during sex, you should consult a doctor!

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Why do men have pain during sex?

1. Fracture of the penis

It can occur when a penis slipped out of the vagina and bent sharply. You can often hear a crackling sound as if something had broken. After that, the man experiences a sharp pain. With a fracture, there is a sharp, sharp pain during intercourse.

This situation requires instant emergency assistance, otherwise such a man is threatened with erectile dysfunction and narrowing of the urethra.

2. Microtrauma of the penis

Active sex life, direct trauma to the penis during an accident, inflammatory diseases, previous surgeries, and the like can lead to microtrauma.

3. Anomalies of the skin of the penis

This, in particular, is a hidden penis. Anomaly occurs when the penis does not have its skin. Instead, it is hidden by the surrounding tissues of the scrotum and pubic skin.

4. Excessive friction

Dynamic sex may not affect the penis in the best way. If you suddenly enter the partner, you can injure your muscles and tissues.

5. Rupture of the bridle

The rupture of a short, inelastic frenum of the penis, which is slightly stretched, occurs due to high activity during intercourse. As a result, the man feels pain, and all this is accompanied by minor bleeding.

6. Phimosis

This coagulation and deployment of a tight foreskin during sexual intercourse. Phimosis can cause severe pain in the penis. At the same time, men complain about the loss of an erection due to the severe pain they experience during sex.

The result of this is often penile head infections. Infection can cause the area to swell. The color of the foreskin may change – the skin becomes gray, pale. A man may experience a rash and itching.

7. Sexually transmitted infections

Despite the fact that a number of these diseases can proceed without symptoms, there are diseases that manifest themselves as painful sensations:

  • chlamydia
  • gonorrhea
  • trichomoniasis
  • genital herpes

8. Erectile dysfunction

It is also important to exclude contraindications and allergic reactions to sildenafil. Kamagra is not suitable for men who suffer from heart disease. For older patients, I recommend reducing the dosage to 25 mg.

The pain goes away only after a full treatment.