Design Patterns in C# with Real-time Examples

  • 18 December 2023
Design Patterns in C# with Real-time Examples

The Prototype Pattern is used when the Object creation is costly and requires a lot of time and resources, and you have a similar Object that is already instantiated. Using the Prototype Pattern, programmers would copy the original Object to a new Object and then modify it according to their needs. The Prototype Design Pattern mandates that the Object which you are copying should provide the copying feature. The Abstract Factory Pattern takes the Factory Pattern up a notch by providing a factory of factories.

All these guidelines have been there to make the job of adding more features to an existing application/prototype less painful. Usually before you build the prototype and always before you build the application you have to design it. Here is where a knowledge of design patterns come very handy since not only helps you with the design but also when communicating your ideas with other developers. Both the e-book and a sample project on the use of design patterns are available now to download for free. Review the examples and decide which design pattern best suits your project. As you gain experience with them, you’ll recognize how and when they can enhance your development process.

Abstract Factory Pattern

One commonly used example of such a class in Java is Calendar, where you cannot make an instance of that class. It also uses its own getInstance()method to get the object design patterns in java online course to be used. As an example, lets suppose you need to implement a communication layer which supports communication using different protocols (XML/Http, WebServices etc).

Which design pattern is used in your project

The next time you’re embarking on a new software architecture, consider which of these (or the many other) architectural design patterns you can use to make your work more efficient. The Data Access Object (DAO) design pattern is used to decouple the data persistence logic to a separate layer. DAO is a very popular pattern when we design systems to work with databases.

Popular Design Pattern Books

To implement an Adapter, you create a custom class that honors the interface provided by the server and defines the server operations in terms the client expects. This is a much better solution than altering the client to match the interface of the server. Software professionals may be familiar with the term “Design Patterns,” but many have no idea of where they come from and what they truly are. Consequently, some do not see the value and benefits design patterns bring to the software development process, especially in the areas of maintenance and code reuse. This article will bridge this gap by defining design patterns from a historical perspective.

Which design pattern is used in your project

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